April 18, 2014

Work Out with Sweaty Betty

With summer approaching it is time to get back into shape with fabulous new workout gear. Sweaty Betty, a British company specializing in active wear for women ships throughout the United States and offers soft, comfortable, and colorful outfits to make a trip to the bi-weekly yoga or Pilates class even more exciting. 


Sweaty Betty’s purpose is “to inspire women to find empowerment through fitness”, and what could be better than getting in shape with workout gear from a company that wants its customers to feel happy, healthy and fit. Their Yoga Pants are not transparent and come in different colors and shapes; a few pants are even suitable for running, so if you like running after your yoga class you can use the same comfortable pair.

If you are into hot yoga classes you will also like the Yoga Shorts. They are fully lined, lightweight and have a print that flatters your body. Sweaty Betty additionally offers T-shirts to complete the outfit. Plus, if you do not like pants or shorts capris, dresses and skorts are also available. Further, a trip to the gym or yoga class can be enhanced with its various accessories such as dumbbells, a cute pair of flip flops or a durable water bottle.

Whether you work out regularly or just go to Zumba class to have a good time, a Sports Bra is needed. Your ladies need constant support. You can choose from a variety of styles to keep you beautiful and comfortable while working out. For years, only boring one-colored bras were available but now with peach, yellow, or striped bras on the market a trip to the gym will not be so boring after all. 


Sweaty Betty says they “are a company which aims to make a lasting contribution”, and their bright workout collection shows their goal is to live a healthy and fun life. I personally enjoy working out whether it is in Yoga Clothes or a simple pair of black sweatpants. To know that there is a new way to enrich my trips to the gym and Pilates classes I am looking forward to adding a few new items to my workout collection. It never hurts to have more than two outfits; after all, working out should make us feel confident and comfortable – I believe Sweaty Betty can do just that. Let the summer begin.

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Leeann @ Join the Gossip said...

I certainly need to start working out bc it's basically already summer here!


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