April 29, 2014

My Spring/Summer Movie List - What Is Yours?

I love a good film. I love to watch pretty much anything and everything - from the horror genre, to thrillers, to western and war films over to the romantic comedies or dramas. If the plot speaks to me and the characters are portrait in a manner that matters to me (and quite frankly makes me feel with the characters), then I'm hooked. Again, I could watch a silly comedy or  chick flicks and have the best time ever while the next day I watch a drama based on a book or a real life story and experience the same feelings. I love them all.

Yesterday I needed a little time to myself. On my way home after school I stopped by the closest movie theater and watched "the other woman". I just needed to see it. It didn't disappoint that badly. :) I might have expected a few more laughs but it was a good film and I enjoyed my time back in a gigantic theater - plus I didn't pay for it so that was a bonus. Anyways, then it hit me...I haven't shared my love for new upcoming movies with you in a really long time. So, that's why I chose to share my Spring/Summer Movie List of 2014! 

What do you think?
I'm sure I forgot a few films...

50 First Dates Reunited...haha!

I'm crying already!


Ashley said...

I need to brush up on what summer movies are out!! I don't know what's on my list yet :/

Mree said...

I'm so excited to see A Million ways to Die in the West, love Seth McFarlane. I thought Ted was great but probably because I'm from Boston!!

Best, Mree

Crazy Shenanigans-JMO said...

I can't wait to see Gone Girl!

Christina said...

I've never heard of Mom's Night Out, but the rest of these are definitely on my must-see list! Especially TFiOS and Gone Girl!!


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