April 9, 2014

I'm sitting on a couch and I'm laughing...

Do you know The People's Couch?!
It's a show showing you people sitting on their couches (or beds) and watching current shows like The Bachelor, Flipping Out, NCIS, The Good Wife, The Walking Dead...you name it. I knew this show existed but forgot about it until I was suddenly reminded of the show by my former speech professor. Rachel is an amazing woman and so inspirational - almost unbelievable. So, when I saw on Facebook that she, her sisters and her dad were participating I had to watch the show. The fun just triples up when you know people.

Guys...it's been hilarious.
The People's Couch is not another reality TV show - it's a show with regular people, just like you and I, watching TV on a Monday or Wednesday night and reacting and commenting to scenes. You know you do react when someone dies, or something weird happens. Everyone does. I wish I had a camera showing my reaction when I watched an episode of House of Cards the other day. Anyways, my point is, this show isn't just ahhhh, let's wait until something happens... That something is never going to happen. It's just watching people watching shows. As simple as that. Sounds lame, yes, but trust me, it's funny!!!!!!

So much fun.

When in need of another show but a completely different one...then watch The People's Couch on Bravo! Let me know what you think! xoxo

1 comment :

Christina said...

I keep meaning to check this out. I've heard so many good things!


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