April 4, 2014

My Love For April

Guys, can you believe that we are already into month number four of this year? Where did the time go?
In less than two months I am going to celebrate my birthday and half of the year will be gone and over. Wow!

This season has a special place in my heart. It's between summer and winter and marks the beginning of new beginnings, of new opportunities, more energy and longer days. Spring is just a fabulous season sans the rainy days but rain is needed so I won't complain. 

While I constantly update my birthday list and reschedule a trip to Europe (I want to go back and visit my mom and friends, but cannot find the right time between all my school and job plans) I am longing for some quiet time. This season offers this. The flowers, the grass, the bees and birds...the brighter and more fun wardrobes...what more do I want?! 

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Do you like this season?
What do you or don't you like?!

I want to make the apartment look pretty and spring like. I know since I am sharing the apartment with roommates I cannot fully evolve in turning my spring ideas into reality. Hopefully, once I move and so-to-speak own my own place (with or without my favorite person) I am boss (haha) and can do whatever. In the meantime I get inspiration from magazines, blogs, pinterest and can just dream. However, right before Easter my roommate will have a party and I am planning on making a few Easter baskets for the event. It will be a Mary Kay event (yes, don't frown, she's having a blast and enjoys it immensely) and I am going to help her out as long as I am around. Proud of her. So, since I cannot decorate the apartment I am trying to make her party people happy by providing some spring fun.

Any ideas on how to make this basket?
It has been ages since I organized goodie bags/baskets for others.

Appreciate every idea/input/suggestion.

Happy Friday and happy weekend!



Crazy Shenanigans-JMO said...

I always do a basket for my mom and this year I'm doing a basket for Beezy. I'm just gathering a lot of things I know he likes. Things like mints, gum, a back scratcher lol.

Why Girls Are Weird said...

It still feels like winter here, hopefully we'll see spring soon!


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