April 3, 2014

Three Outrageous Elements to Add to a Kitchen Renovation

If you’re considering renovating in order to create your dream kitchen, the sky is the limit for dreaming and brainstorming about elements you’d like to add. Take some time to create idea boards and brainstorm through the appliances, décor, colors, features, and layout that would make your kitchen a joy to be in. Do a bit of research, as many of the options available to you may not be things you’re immediately aware of. Here are a few ideas of outrageous items for your kitchen that may just be exactly what you’re looking for.
Popcorn Machine
Perhaps you’re a family of movie-lovers that can’t get over the unique, unforgettable flavor of movie theater popcorn. Why not put a popcorn machine right in your kitchen? It will make the at-home movie experience absolutely perfect – there’s nothing better than watching a film on your own couch, in the comfort of your own space, with real movie theater popcorn right there for you to enjoy. Popcorn machines are also iconic in appearance, so an at-home popcorn machine will add a lot of charm to your kitchen décor. Purchase some reusable popcorn holders as well to truly capture the essence of movie theater popcorn.
A Soft-Serve Machine
Fast and durable soft-serve machines that serve ice cream and yogurt are available in a variety of types, including stand-alone and counter-top. If you’re a family that loves its ice cream or yogurt, a soft-serve machine might be a great appliance to build into your kitchen renovation. Parties will no longer be complete without an ice cream topping bar, and your children’s friends won’t be able to wait to get to your house to enjoy the creamy goodness. Follow the machine’s special instructions for reloading and operating.

A Coffee and Tea Bar

Gone are the days when just a little automatic coffee machine on a counter top did the trick. Hot beverages are essentials for evoking a sense of community and warmth in your home, and many different flavors and additions are available to cater your warm beverage precisely to your tastes. Take a small space of your kitchen and create a coffee bar, complete with an espresso machine, variety of coffee, flavored creamers, extra elements like chocolate and vanilla syrup, and a variety of tea options. The bar will become a hub in your home and add to your peace and relaxation.


Selma @ Crazy Little World Of Mine said...

I want a coffee bar in my house!

Crazy Shenanigans-JMO said...

I totally have that popcorn maker and I love it!


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