April 25, 2014

RedRose Real Tea

A few weeks ago I received my UniBox from Influenster. I was happy to discover a premium water enhancer among many items in it. I drink water - not as much as I should but I do. I prefer water to sodas or fake juices. So receiving a water enhancer that should taste like real tea made me curious. I was not disappointed.

I received RedRose RealTea with a Blackcurrant Raspberry falvor. As a berry lover I was even more excited and curious. So, I filled up my water bottle, added some of this to the water and was surprised to see that my water looked, smelled, and tasted like real fruit tea. Plus, and that's a major bonus to me, it did not smell fake. You know there are hundreds of water enhancers out there. Most of them have a ridiculous amount of sugar in them, taste fake, taste like citrus only whereas they are supposed to be raspberry flavored, fizz and just don't feel real.

This water enhancer is made from Black Tea, has no dyes or coloring, and can be used for both hot and cold tea. I usually use it for cold, but I am sure that when it is used for hot it will also taste amazing. Plus, Red Rose has two other flavors available: Black Tea and Earl Grey.

So, if you love tea but don't feel like making some all the time when you are on the go I'd suggest you try Red Rose to enhance your daily liquid intake. :) I'm very happy with it, and will probably buy some more soon. 


This review was not compensated, and consists of my own opinions.


Marie said...

Great review, will have to check this one out.

Best, Mree

Meghan said...

This sounds so perfect for my husband! I'll have to check this out!


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