May 26, 2014

Long Weekend

This weekend has been soooooooooooo long. Don't get me wrong. I love long weekends. I love to chill, sit back and drink endless coffee while I am watching cheesy Hallmart Movies or DVDs I have not seen in forever. I always feel more relaxed. This Memorial Weekend however felt so awfully long. No idea why. Didn't even do much but pack, organize, clean, get slightly pampered and enjoy freshly brewed coffee and the company of good friends.

One more week and I am leaving this wonderful place called Southern California. One more week until I start a new chapter in my life, and experience new adventures. I don't know if this is the right choice, or the right path. Maybe it is exactly this move, or me second-guessing my steps all the time that made this weekend feel so incredibly long.

I know I will be back in Southern California. Maybe just for multiple visits or maybe to live. But for right now, I am going for the unknown future. I am going to do and see whatever I can squeeze into this week and then I am leaving. There is so much I want to do and see before I leave - fingers crossed I can accomplish half of my list. Wish me luck.

One more week...I can do this. I just threw away all my excuses not to go through with this step!


1 comment :

Ashley said...

Sometimes it's the BEST...going into the unknown! Because you're LIVING!! <3


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