May 7, 2014

Generation of Idiots

For the past few days the following video has been going either saw but never watched it, or you watched and shared it with friends. Either way, I'm sharing it with you now.

Have a great day now. I think once I am done with my homework (working on it right after I press publish) I am stepping outside and breathing in some fresh, and quite crisp air.

Without my phone on me.
Just saying.



Why Girls Are Weird said...

I like this and somewhat agree with it, but I think he also misses the relationships you can form when using social media. There definitely has to be a balance.

I would go outside and enjoy today but it's stormy and gross and horrible, ugh!

Meghan said...

I hadn't seen this at all, and now that I have, I am totally crying. This is absolutely beautiful!


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