May 14, 2014


Gosh, I love and miss my hometown.
Luzern will always be in my heart.
I think I took this photo last summer after my friend A and I had a fabulous dinner along this river. :)
Cannot believe it's been almost a year that I was home. Plus, I won't be going home this summer - not even to my beloved Istanbul/Turkey. My heart aches I have to admit that. I can only imagine how my mom feels. Yet, life took a different turn and it's been great so far, so I'm just going with the flow. :) 

Anyways, a while back I came across an article stating the most sexually satisfied countries in the world. There's countries in there that you wouldn't even think of. The U.S. is not among them. This needs to change. Yet, this is not my place and time to change it for this country. Haha. YET, guess which country was number 1!!!????


Hmmmm, I was a little confused for a second or two. Really? Switzerland? So stubborn, so not flexible and so small Switzerland? But yes it is true. I have to say I'm proud to be Swiss - haha, even with this new fact of being the number one sexually satisfied country in the world. Who would have thought?!

And why exactly Switzerland? Well, with progressive views on sex work, licensed brothels, a liberal stance on porn, sex ed beginning as early as Kindergarten (so true my readers, so true!), and — on top of all that — one of the lowest teen birth rates in the world, Switzerland is both hot and safe. There’s no better combination than that.

We do it the Swiss style apparently!! 
Japan I believe is still number one with the lowest teen birth rates, and the second and third countries that are also pretty satisfied are Spain and Italy.  YAY. 


If you were wondering were I got all my info from...then google it. :) It was in the news, on the unicef website, on blogs, on facebook, and I even recall newspaper articles...WOW. Too many to credit for.  Sorry.


Leeann @ Join the Gossip said...

Kindergarden?! Dang well it must work to educate kids since teen pregnancy is low!

Crazy Shenanigans-JMO said...

I didn't learn about any of this stuff till the 5th grade!


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