May 5, 2014


Sometimes love is everything we need.
Sometimes love is all we strive for.
Forever and always I wanted to be different that my beloved mother.
My mom had her fair share of love, and I believe she got hurt badly.
I always admired her strength, her power, her will to overcome anything - even lost love.
I grew up not knowing what it meant to see mom and dad kiss or hold hands.
I grew up with mom working, and taking care of her daughter 24/7.
She is my hero.
Love for her was me.
I was and still am her one and only love.
I am the only one she could and can trust with, and knows she gets love returned back.

I always wanted to experience love.
You know, the passionate, can't stop thinking about this other person love.
The one you read about, see in movies, and all that jazz.
We all know it is a cliche yet one that can be accomplished. 
I have had my fair share of love over the past 14 years.
Some were fantastic, others not so much.
I gave up completely.

And then...I met My Favorite Person.
At first I didn't want to even think of him as anything "special".
He was just a friend.
He was also younger.
Yet, the more we talked the more I learned that we had so much in common.
The more we had in common the more we had to talk and share.
I felt happy, I felt intrigued, and surprised.
Can a younger guy really interest me? And vice versa?
I ignored it and didn't think about it.
Though the feeling I experienced every time I spoke to him and saw him made me feel complete.
At some point I felt weird feeling what I did.
Then, I told myself to just go with it (ha, just like the movie).
I haven't regretted it since.

Love is what I strove for.
Love is what I have today.
My mom still doesn't understand it.
She questions it.
I don't know if that's okay.
Shouldn't she be happy for me?
Shouldn't she be excited for me that I found someone I can trust, have fun, and enjoy silly moments with?
I got what I wanted.
I have what she doesn't have today.
Maybe that is why.
Regardless of how she feels I know I should enjoy life and love.
Love is all we need (isn't that a song?!)...
...and therefore love is what I get.

I cannot wait to move in with My Favorite Person.
It will be a major move.
It scares but also excites me.
And yes, you read right...I am moving and that relatively soon.
Stay tuned my adventures are going to happen.
I found love and will move in with love.
What more do I need?!
A job, I know.



Krysten Gautreaux said...

Lady I am SO happy for you! And fingers crossed for a JOB!

Leia said...

Glad you're happy, girl! <3

Mrs. Pancakes said...

Love is a lovely thing and we are so blessed when we get to experience it!!

Anonymous said...

Love it, Selma :) Congrats and best wishes! Also, I ♥ and will totally steal the phrase "My Favorite Person" with your permission. SO much better than "boyfriend", "partner", "lover"...

Crazy Shenanigans-JMO said...

So happy for you! Can't wait till you move into town!

Ashley said...

So, are you two moving to Nevada? I'm being nosy :)


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