August 8, 2014

I got my First Fix!


Have you heard of Stitch Fix? 
I did not until a few weeks ago. I couldn't sleep one night and browsed around on my phone {yes, I know, not at all good for my precious eyes} and stumbled upon Stitch Fix. I don't remember how I found this but I did. I desperately needed to update my wardrobe, so I was interested from the beginning. 

Stitch Fix, basically, is your personal stylist. It is easy, accessible, affordable, and it is also delivered to your doorstep. It is a different shopping experience that is personalized just for you. All I had to do for my first fix was to fill out their Style Profile, and then let their stylists handpick a selection of five clothing items or/and accessories for me that they think would fit my budget, lifestyle and taste. Once delivered I had time to try the items on, mix and match with my own clothes and whatever I didn't like send back within three days. A prepaid envelope is included {awesome!}. I would only pay for what I choose to keep. If I keep all five items, I pay for all five items {and as a thank you get 25% off}. Best part, I can schedule fixes if I feel like "shopping" on a regular basis. Since my budget won't allow this luxury at the moment {I haven't gone shopping in months!!!} I don't do this {yet} - but I had to give Stitch Fix a try and see how it fits my lifestyle. 

Here's what I received:

1) Daniel Rainn - Lara Lace Detail Silk Blouse
2) Kut From The Kloth - Keslie Braided Detail Belted Maxi Dress
3) Bay to Baubles - Marcia Faceted Stone Teardrop Bib
4) Sweet Rain - Azalea Heathered Open Cardigan
5) Pink Martini - Joshua Colored Ankle Jean

While I loved the vibrant summer colors, and the new approach to silk {I don't own a single silk blouse}, I had to send all clothing items back and only kept the bubble necklace. All of my clothes came in small, which normally would be fine but not this time. The dress was way too big {no idea how that happened}, the pants I could not close {I have big hips; after all I have a Turkish figure}, the silk blouse was phenomenal but so see through I just felt like I wasn't wearing a thing, and the cardigan fit perfectly except on my arms. It would not stretch; it would probably rip before it stretched. The necklace...oh the necklace. First big necklace I got, and it feels glamorous. Kept it because it looked and felt good. Once I had sent all unwanted items back I had to give Stitch Fix my feedback on each item. Feedback is necessary because if you choose to use their service again, you want your stylist to improve. Honest feedback is the best way to let your stylist know why you chose not to keep the item{s}.

The lovely necklace...I wasn't sure about the gold-pearl lookalike but it looks awesome on. :) 

Excuse the flash is dark at home due to me having closed off all blinds so the heat won't come in as fast.

Just because my stylist {which I think did a fantastic job} couldn't fully satisfy my size {not my style, I loved every single piece} doesn't mean I will give up on this service. I love the idea of having a stylist help me find new items to add to my wardrobe. I will try it again in the fall, and I know my stylist will succeed. 

You may wonder why I don't just go out and shop on my own, and try it all on in the store. One thing is this: I don't have a car, so always borrowing my favorite person's car just to go shopping isn't my thing. Also, I am kind of tired of the stores available at the mall. You see, since I left Los Angeles/Orange County it is not easy to find a decent, nice-looking store to buy from. I get tired easily by seeing the same stores over and over again. I love J.Crew, Anthropologie, The Gap {yes, even that place}, Nordstrom, and what not...but in the end it is not exactly appealing to me when I only have those options. So, getting new brand or designer names added to my already existing wardrobe spices things up for me, and who knows, I might even fall in love with a new brand and spread the word. 


Disclaimer: All opinions are my own. I was NOT asked to write for Stitch Fix and was not gifted anything.


Ashley said...

VERY cute statement necklace! And interesting way to shop...

Crazy Shenanigans-JMO said...

I've used them before and I feel like they are very hit or miss. The last three fixes I had from them I kept nothing. Have you tried some stores downtown? They aren't chains and their boutiques.


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