October 24, 2014


Last weekend my man and I went to Jackson. His family spent a few days up there so they thought it would be a great idea for us two to join them. Also, we both needed some time away from Sacramento, and away from everything so what better way to go to a very close wine country and tasting wine? Exactly my point, nothing {unless you can't stand wine}.

We had a blast. It was a very mellow weekend. I enjoyed cuddling with two cats and two dogs, walking around and soaking up in the jacuzzi. Also, wine tasting wasn't that shabby either. We bought a few bottles, I made my famous potato salad for everyone while my man took responsibility in preparing the meat. I know that is his job, so not mine.

What bothered me most was that my card got declined while I was trying to purchase bottles of wine. I was very shocked and kind of mad. Luckily, we have other cards but it got me worried all weekend. Calling the bank made it worse because all they said was to come in Monday {I did and we fixed the issue, I hope}. Also, by not having a card this week to buy anything I literally worked on other things, helped my guy prepare for his interview{s}, and go fall shopping. I also got my 2nd StitchFix selection in and they nailed it big time. I am the happiest girl ever. I kept three things and I am so stoked it's not even funny. 

Halloween is pretty much around the corner...not to mention Thanksgiving. I am making dessert and I am testing everything before I even try making something. It's been a challenge especially since it needs to be gluten free. Also, I can't wait to see my friend on Sunday where both of my favorite things come together: San Francisco and my friend M. Win win!!!

What have you been up to lately?


Mree said...

Great pictures! Glad you had a good time in Jackson.

Joey said...

Oh man what a lovely weekend (minus the whole card issue). That sinking (and sort of embarrassed feeling--even if I know there's money in there) when a card is declined IS THE WORST.


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