October 29, 2014

Simple Life Improvements Worth Applying

The holiday season is just around the corner, can you believe it? Usually now is the time when you start thinking about new goals you can make and resolutions you can keep. It can be fun actually and you shouldn’t dread this fun time of the season. Instead of waiting until December to come up with a few life improvements you can follow through with in 2015, start making a list now. If you make small improvements daily soon enough your goals will become a habit and you’ll be ahead of the game when the New Year begins.

Quality Sleep


If you’re one of those people who only gets six or seven hours of sleep each night, seven hours of sleep is good, but eight and nine hours of sleep is even better. Sleep helps your brain function and the result of more rest is you can focus better at work. Your productivity and concentration will improve immensely as well. If you struggle with going to bed early try setting an alarm clock for yourself at night, an hour before bed time. That way you’ll know what you need to finish up in time to hit the hay at a reasonable hour.
Another way you can get more sleep is to be more productive with your time. Don’t procrastinate on projects that need completing at home and that you can start on now. Seize the day and make a list of how you can specifically accomplish your tasks step by step. Don’t over commit yourself daily; be realistic about what you have time to complete. If you stay motivated and follow through on your goals then you’ll be able to get more sleep. It is possible!

Home Improvement


If the siding on your home needs replacement consider using vinyl instead of wood. Vinyl is more durable and will withstand severe weather and sun exposure. What’s more if you desire a home upgrade vinyl comes in many styles and finishes. Today there are many trim and accent options available and a full spectrum of colors help homeowners achieve a beautiful exterior for any type of home.
Home repairs are important but are often easy to forget. Life gets in the way and you’d rather focus on other tasks that need taken care of. If you wait to long to replace siding however your home can suffer significant damage from harsh weather and sun exposure. Don’t allow this to happen and find a company that specializes in vinyl siding for a durable and trendy appearance for your home.

Moisturize Your Skin


It’s really easy to forget to put moisture on your skin when you’re in a hurry or it just slips your mind, but adding a quality moisturizer goes a long way. Your skin needs moisture to stay young, soft, and healthy. Especially if you live in a dry climate lotion should be applied daily all over your body. Forgetting to moisturize your skin can cause significant dryness, premature aging, and other potential skin problems. Keep your skin moist during the fall and winter and you’ll have soft glowing skin that’s healthy and beautiful. 
Guest Post Written by Sierra 


Joey said...

These are SO GREAT and I totally agree that they are worth applying! They all just make you feel so great. I wish I could do the quality sleep thing. Maybe I'll just over compensate on my inability to sleep with extra skin moisturizing! haha

Krysten Quiles said...

I'd also add drink lots of water, that always seems to help me feel better.


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