October 20, 2014

How to Enjoy Rain

Happy Monday everyone.

How was your weekend? I hope it was filled with lots of fun adventures. Even if you stayed home I hope you were able to relax, sit back and enjoy a wonderful October weekend. As for us, we went away for a few days. We met up with the in-laws, and enjoyed a full weekend filled with wine-tasting, beer-tasting, pet-cuddling, and sunshine! It was needed. I miss having pets, so cuddling with dogs and cats was incredible. There is so much love given by a pet, it is the {almost} best feeling ever.

This weekend was also the weekend I had no computer, hardly any cell reception and just one book on me. It was relief and pleasure not to be connected with anyone at all times. I unplugged and it felt phenomenal. If you have ever done this you know this feeling. It's just pure, refreshing, and perfect - at least for one long weekend.

Now that we are back home this week will be busy!!!! Paperwork needs to be sent in {then we just wait}, my favorite person's job interview is Wednesday, some early Halloween fun will be part of this week as well as us going to San Francisco to meet a friend of ours. Cannot wait. I am so glad his work schedule is steady now and he gets Sundays off. He always worked on weekends and it wasn't fun. I could never plan anything. Last week his work finally gave him the okay to get a more steady schedule which allows him to balance school, life and work at once. Also, rain is in the forecast. Rain!!! I don't even remember what rain feels like, let alone temperatures that make you feel like fall. This week is going to be exciting, busy, fun-filled and hopeful.

So, I am enjoying rain...or just the thought of it looking forward to some drops falling onto the car today!

Happy Monday! I am ready for this week, are you?!


Allison said...

Your weekend sounds wonderful - wine and beer tasting?! Can't beat it :)
I totally agree - I think pets are incredible for that very reason. No matter what, they love you and are happy to see you. No better feeling :)
I really enjoy having rainy days to just relax and do things that I normally don't make the time for (plus, naps!). There's nothing better than a cup of coffee on a rainy day :)

Christina said...

What a great weekend! I'm trying to plan a night in a cabin in the mountains and we most definitely won't have cell service or internet. Sounds perfect to me! And it sounds like your week is shaping up nicely too! Enjoy!


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