October 8, 2014

The Carlton of 2014

Do you remember watching the Fresh Prince of Bel-Air? Whether or not you watched the show there is one thing that stuck with all of us...The Carlton Dance! It is one of those dances that made you laugh, smile, question and maybe even cry at the same time. It's the funniest, weirdest and yet most memorable dance on TV ever. The show is long over, and all actors, especially Will Smith have moved on...but this week on Dancing With The Stars Alfonso danced The Carlton once again - and beautifully I have to say. 

I had to share this. I mean, come on. I grew up with this show. It made my week better, it made me laugh, it made me mad but most importantly it stuck with me throughout the years. James Avery was our TV dad for six years {I was so sad when he passed almost a year ago}. Crazy how long ago the show ended. Glad we were rooting for Alfonso to finally dance his dance again. Glad he did.

I had to re-watch a few YouTube videos of the show to see the "real" Carlton again. So much fun. Shows like the Fresh Prince of Bel-Air don't really exist today. There are a few that are similar but lack the real fun and the real human aspect at times. Don't get me wrong. There are awesome shows out there, even more so spectacular films touching our hearts and souls, but times have changed and so have jokes, issues, and acting. Anyways, have fun watching this video and maybe even looking for the original dance online somewhere. If you are like me, you will laugh at this and remember the good old teenage days with the family Banks.


Joey Hodges said...

This was adorable!! I don't watch DWTS but this was just too cute :)

Crazy Shenanigans-JMO said...

I use to love that show! He still looks the same!


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