October 14, 2014

My love for Eggplant

Colors enhance our daily lives. I already share my love for gray and orange with you, so I thought I would continue this walk of color-love for this season. Eggplant, plum or dark purple are my second favorites for the fall. I love to see this color on nails. It makes fingers and hands look more sophisticated, and honestly speaking, any accessory added looks stunning when you see a spark of dark purple. 

New outfits are needed this month and while I cleaned my closet I learned that my favorite purple top just doesn't look perfect anymore. Needless to say I got rid of it. A new blouse or sweater in my favorite warm fall color is needed. Also, purple goes beautifully with orange. A touch of both makes for a perfect fall outfit.

Gosh, I love these colors. Perfect fall impressions making me all warm and fuzzy. Cannot wait to go out and find some pretty items for myself. Fall is definitely my favorite time when it comes to combining warm colors!

What are your favorite fall colors? Is eggplant or purple one of them?

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Unknown said...

love the eggplant color as well
Simply Sutter

Sabrina said...

That last picture is so whimsical! Love the purple and gold pairing too.


Leeann @ Join the Gossip said...

Hey I have that polish...and my nails are unpainted. Looks like I know what color to pick ;)

Christina said...

So, so pretty! I love the purple and orange combo!


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