October 17, 2014

Wedding Update or How I Won't Share It All

Our special day was anything but traditional. We got engaged, we moved in, we lived together, we traveled together, and then we got married. No engagement party, no bridal shower, no registries, no bachelorette party, and no rehearsal dinner. Yes, none of that. Don't worry or frown for me though, I still want my bachelorette weekend, and I would love to have a shower...just post-wedding. Sound weird? I know, but think about it. We can talk about the whole day, the drama beforehand, talk about what we wore, what we ate, what I would have done differently, and what I would like to repeat again.

One major thing that prevented me from having my dream bachelorette weekend {I have it all planned out, sorta, kinda, ya know, just know that it is a weekend and know the location, everything else is then up to my girls working their magic} or a bridal shower is that none of my girlfriends live up north. They all live in the greater Los Angeles and Orange County area, or even Arizona. It meant more to me to have them with me on my big day. Also, everything happened so quickly there was hardly any time to figure things out and organize parties. Maybe I will set a new trend. Post-bachelorette weekend/party, and post-bridal shower might be something new. I should Google this before I talk about it. I know. Anyways, we will have those traditional parties just in a very nontraditional way. 

Our day was almost perfect. The few days before didn't look or feel perfect {we got married in Napa, and there was a 6.0 earthquake shaking the old buildings a little up and down and left and right the weekend before our big day}. Also, my beloved mom, my best friend, could not attend and it not only broke her heart but also mine. Besides that, and the little drama about the city of beautiful Napa it was a perfect day: the alarm went off on time. Anything else would have been a disaster. The people we love and could make it in such a short notice to our wedding came in fashion, the sun wasn't scorching hot, our restaurant was still open {we switched to an a la carte lunch than a prearranged menu}, nobody fainted, and I felt like the cutest little princess walking hand in hand with her prince charming. 

A small wedding still meant there was going to be dessert. I wanted dessert. Yet, I did not want a cake because I knew it would be almost impossible to have one made in time, and since it was an intimate affair I just did not think a cake would be appropriate. If there is a big reception or something at some point I will make sure there is cake. There were a few more cupcakes added to the above selection, and we put them neatly on a cute, everyday-use, tier. Plus, yes, most of the cupcakes were gluten free and I could not have been happier with Kara's Cupcakes. If you are in the Northern California area I'd recommend you check them out. Every other place I tried up here just disappointed me greatly. 

What I was very particular about was the little tiny details. Despite arranging a simple and easy-going wedding day we still wanted to dress up {it is a wedding after all}, and have our guests arrive dressed up as well. I still wanted some decoration, a cake or cupcakes, and favors as a thank you note to our lovely guests for driving or flying up. Making my own favors, and adding a little personal touch to them was very important to me. Purple, polka dots, and monograms were a must. I just had to remind myself that our wedding was simple and that I should not overwhelm or overdo the whole thing.

Small, intimate or not, there was one thing I was VERY particular about. The Something Old, Something New, Something Borrowed, and Something Blue. That was the only tradition we had at our wedding, and the speeches friends gave.  

Something Old - a purple ring I was given for the day {also, something borrowed}. It belonged to B's grandma and matched my vintage outfit and vineyard surroundings perfectly.
Something New - The dress I was wearing and the clutch I was using.
Something Borrowed - My best friend's M.'s bracelet that gave me some extra sparkle.
Something Blue - my toenails were painted in baby blue

Yes I am holding a Redbull can. Two girls were walking around giving away those cans and so we grabbed some. I don't like Redbull but felt like I wanted to try their new flavor. Now, if you were wondering...I'm walking alone here because right after this photo was taken I threw the bouquet to my friend {the only single girl at the wedding}. Of course she caught it.

We took our friends who stayed the entire weekend to our favorite Italian restaurant in Sacramento, and we explored Old Sacramento again. Plus, who doesn't want to get high on candy?!

Our day was special. It was also different.
I can't believe how fast time flies, it is already mid-October and it's crazy. We are still writing our Thank You cards, one at a time. Do we feel any different? Not really. He goes to work, attends school as well, and I cook, clean and organize things with our lives as much as even possible. I may have changed my name, and I may have two rings now on my ring finger but other than that nothing has changed. We are happy and loving each day {even when I hit a low day and don't feel like cheering}.

That was our day. 
I shared with you as much as I wanted to share. Plus, I can't smile so you won't even miss anything...photos with me in them are horrible. My mother-in-law caught a few cute ones apparently. My friends caught a few good ones, and also a few funny {or shall I say bad?} ones. In one I am about to burst into an ugly monster. See? You don't miss much. 

Happy mid-October!!!!

P.s.: my wedding dress came from Ruche, and I could not have been happier with it 


Joey said...

I really like untraditional weddings. I hope some day you get your dream bachelorette party and shower--and totally agree that there's nothing wrong with doing it after! Your dress is so pretty and cute!

Sam M said...

WAIT?!?!? I missed something huge, you got MARRIED? Now your comment about paperwork makes sense. Was I really out of blogland long enough to not notice that you were even in a relationship with someone? I'm so happy for you!!

Leeann @ Join the Gossip said...

Yay!! I love the little peek. I can tell you looked beautiful. The dress is gorgeous as we're the flowers.

I think it's awesome you did things the way YOU wanted. That's what is important!

Christina said...

If I could go back and do it all over again, I'd do it this way. I hated wedding planning and gave up on making decisions, which led to an ugly wedding. I was a mess the entire time. I think your day sounds perfect!

Crazy Shenanigans-JMO said...

Aw, I love what you've shared. I love Calistoga! It's so nice up there and I love the Castle winery.

Ashley said...

Very cute, Selma!!! I love how you didn't fuss over all the traditions everyone seems to stress about. Looks like it was a perfect day!


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