October 6, 2014


Good morning everyone!
Hope your weekend was fantastic. Mine was, you know, very boring. I pretty much stayed home all weekend. My guy was working, I was fall cleaning {sorta}, stayed mostly in my comfy pink pj's, drank pumpkin cider, stretched to Pilates, watched TV and lost the remote control multiple times in the worst places ever. It was pretty unspectacular. Luckily, this upcoming weekend and next both will be different. Fingers crossed everything will work out as planned. 
While I had an entire weekend to myself I not only watched old school films, I also started changing up this old blog of mine. I managed to create a Facebook Page, got my own domain name {it should all smoothly redirect you all}, and I am slowly working on different looks. Things need to change. I started with my hair color {it's back to my natural darker side}, new morning and evening routines {Pilates in the morning, and yoga stretches before bedtime}, healthier meals so we are prepared for a colder winter time up here, and well, I am constantly working on this blog layout.

Changes are good. Changes are needed.
Changes shape us, even the most challenging ones. 

So, stay tuned while I figure things out and embrace every single change coming my way.


P.s. Linking up with the lovely Leeann and Kimberlee for Monday Morning Gossip.

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Joey said...

ha, your description of your weekend is hilarious and spectacularly candid! Excited for your changes! I get such a rush out of changing little things daily that will eventually overhaul my life! Good luck with everything, and I'm excited to follow along through everything!

Crazy Shenanigans-JMO said...

yay for your own domain!


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