October 28, 2014

My Quick Trip to San Francisco

It was not a planned a trip, but since the city is about one hour and thirty minutes away we thought it would be fun to meet up with a mutual friend after she is done with work. We left in the morning and got there a bit before noon, bought our daily pass {because well, we don't drive in SF...I learned how to drive in San Francisco and I clearly remember how wonderful it was to drive to one-way streets and hills, but I don't want to do this if I don't need to}, and did the things we wanted to do. :) We didn't want to go to the Golden Gate Bridge even though it was a clear day. We just felt we saved this for another time. Then again, to me it is not the most sensational thing ever. Yes, you read right...blame it on me having done this so many times in the past. You get over it after many years.

I finally showed my man what public transportation is all about. I missed taking cable cars, buses, munis...oh man, it was fun...plus with a daily pass {easily purchased at Walgreens} you don't have to worry about change or cash in general.

I love hills. I love to walk up and down. You don't need a gym anymore in San Francisco. You have a natural, everyday and every moment-gym. We walked and we took public transportation. I mainly wanted to stay closer to downtown so once my friend was done with work we could meet up. It was a fun day. I wish we could have seen more or done more, but at least we got my favorite cupcakes from Kara's bakery. Their gluten free cupcakes {displayed separately on a covered tray} are delicious. It is so difficult to find moist, gluten free cupcakes that don't taste like stale bread. Even making your own is not as easy {the gf mixes help but it's not the same}, so months ago when someone suggested to try Kara's for their gf section I was sold. I will not buy anything else anymore. Their cupcakes come close to Crumbs or Sprinkles but I have to admit the ones from Kara's are better {sorry, all you Sprinkles lovers out there}.

San Francisco has always been my favorite city on the west coast. Los Angeles is number two. Granted, I lived longer in the L.A./OC area so I am a little torn there. Yet, living in the Sacramento area San Francisco is the closest I can get to a big, fun and cultural city {yes, I just wrote that down}. I cannot wait to go back. Hopefully soon.

And since I lack photos of myself...here's a photo of me while wearing my new top I got from StitchFix. Don't mind the ridiculous looking hair...I had a good hair day until this photo; I promise.

...I promise I work on my photo and posing skills, but posting this shows I am still around, and that it is indeed me writing all of this. Just saying.

Cannot wait to go back to San Francisco!!!

Have a great day,


Something Infinitely Interesting said...

looks like a good day trip! one of the places i want to visit.

Monic Sutter said...

mmm chocolate!
Simply Sutter

Mree said...

Great pictures!! One day I will get to San Fran!!

Allison said...

San Francisco is definitely my favorite city of all time - it's so gorgeous, the weather is lovely, and there's so much to do!
You look awesome, I love that shirt - and you're making me crave a trip to the West Coast! Great recap and great pictures :)

Amanda Elizabeth - Meet @ the Barre said...

I have never been there yet but it's absolutely on my list!!

Crazy Shenanigans-JMO said...

I LOVE SF! Beezy's cousins live over there so any chance we get we head over!


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