April 1, 2015

April Food Challenge

Today marks the forth month of my food challenge. I have given up sweets, alcohol, and last month even dairy. Reintroducing all these foods back into my diet was the most fun. There is no way to describe how much I missed each one. I love wine so naturally holding my first glass after one full month of no alcohol was beyond fantastic. It's a fun challenge and allows me to appreciate food more. I thought going gluten free over two years ago was a challenge {and yes it certainly was and still is} but eliminating one specific food for one month into my diet was an eye-opener. Still is. We really take so much stuff for granted.

This month I am giving up soda and sweet ice tea. I will only drink water or juice {limited amounts} or cold tea and nothing with added flavor, sugar or artificial color. I'm still drinking coffee, tea, alcohol etc but will eliminate sugary sodas and teas. This challenge should be no problem. When eating out I won't order my beloved raspberry iced tea but go with simple water {free anyways!} or a glass of wine {if I feel festive}. This will save me some money sans the wine love. Plus, I easily gain when drinking sodas so giving them up will be perfect.

Wish me luck!

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Linds F. said...

You'll probably get bombed just from that one glass and not drinking all month. Enjoy :)


Lindsay said...

good luck!! I never drink soda, I need to give up carbs! lol

Krysten Quiles said...

You'll do great with this one!

Leeann @ Join the Gossip said...

Soda is my crack. I can't quit Dr. Pepper no matter how hard I try lol. BUT I NEED TO! Good luck. I don't think you need any though ;)


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