April 8, 2015

Stuff & Things

Today I need strength.
Today I wish just the best of the best for my mom and her important surgery.
Just writing this out, sharing it with all of you, makes me feel sad, weak, lonely but also and that is quite interesting, it makes me feel happy. 
Today I am finding hope in everything I do.
Today I need distractions.

Also, I am trying to cook up a new recipe and I hope it comes out right - wish me luck.

I am also obsessed with Hydro Boost by Neutrogena. Months ago this product line was sent to me for testing and reviewing purposes and I am loving it. However, the driest and most annoying spots on my face still do not get hydrated enough. I'm talking to you, nose. That is when I reach over to Honest and its healing balm. Cannot complain one bit. Hey, cold winter air {yes, even in California}, how about you go away?! Thank you.

My favorite person and I finally got to see The Fast and The Furious 7 yesterday. It was all we needed and expected. Closure is so important. So glad we went. We hadn't gone to the movies together since last year. We went with his brother when we visited him last month but just the two of us? It had been months.

Even though I have been stressed I have tried to destress with Pilates, and some Yoga stretches. I have this bump on my hand {it's all benign} and it prevents me from fully stretching my left hand out a bit {annoying, let me tell you} but besides that it is the best way for me to relax. Plus, a good song or two that allow me to sing along and pretend no one is listening...yes, best destress methods ever.

These are my random stuff and things for this week.
All I need is patience, positivity, and strength and everything will be fine.

Positivity, patience, and strength!!!

Positivity, patience, and strength!!


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Anonymous said...

Hope your mom is doing exceptionally well. Please do give us an update.

Amanda Bullard said...

Prayed for you and your mom. Be positive, smile, let joy take over the stress. You got this!

Linds F. said...

Sending much light, love and well wishes for your momma. Hopefully she'll be back to her usual tricks of keeping the nurses and doctors entertained. I hope she can go home soon, too. Thinking of you xox

Mree said...

Sending good vibes your way!! Stay strong and stay positive!!

Gracey Williams said...

Hope your mom is doing well!

I've been doing pilates myself. so so sore, but I feel so good!

Breakfast at Gracey's

Tobia Nooke said...

Hope all went well with your moms surgery.
Happy weekend to you!

Chrissy said...

I really hope your mom is fine!! Hugs xxx


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