April 13, 2015

If We Were Neighbors

Last month Krysten posted about what it would be like to have her as a neighbor. I had to borrow that idea because it's quite perfect for a fun post. Thanks Krysten!

If we were neighbors...

You'd know that we wake up every day at 5.45 unless it's an earlier shift, then it's 4.45. This will soon change though. For the better. Yes, I wake up with my favorite person and hardly go back to sleep.
You'd probably see me in my PJs or comfy wear a lot. When I am home I like to be comfortable, and you would usually see me barefoot, in sweats and a t-shirt; oh, and without any make-up on. 

You'd see me every morning walk into the kitchen making coffee for myself. With or without lights on. I need my morning coffee otherwise nothing works that day; or you'll meet upset and mad-looking Selma. No one wants that.

You'd wonder what we are doing with all those trash bags on our balcony. We recycle like crazy. Cans, glass and plastic bottles, any other bottles we can get money back from. We have gotten back a ton of money. My guy drinks a lot of crap. Besides the money-back recycling we also make sure we recycle the rest: cardboard boxes, cereal boxes, plastic whatever, and anything else we cannot get money back from but doesn't belong into regular trash bins.

You'll probably hear different languages spoken from time to time. No worries I don't talk to myself that often. And, I promise it may sound as if I am mad at someone but I am not. Ha! I will probably be on the phone talking to Switzerland, England, Turkey, or Illinois. Plus, my cousin and I always talk in three different languages...it's a mixture between English, Turkish, and some French or broken Spanish. We are unique like that.

You'll probably wonder about our antisocial behavior. I love people, and I miss having friends around. It is not easy to make new friends these days. So, I rely on my friends in SoCal and Europe and online, and so does my favorite person. You won't see friends coming over or quickly stopping by. Kind of sad. It just doesn't happen. It kills me but it's what is happening at the moment. Fingers crossed once we move this will change.  

You'll most likely see me working out at home. I do Pilates and Yoga in our living room. If you see me jump while trying to stretch I most likely saw a spider somewhere. 

Tell me, what would it be like if we were neighbors?


Leeann @ Join the Gossip said...

You need to sleep in girl lol! That's such an early wakeup time. And I'm all about the comfy clothes, too.

Have a great week :)

Allison said...

I LOVE this post, girl! (I'm actually going to steal it). I'm another living room work-outer (though I shut the blinds because I get embarrassed that neighbors actually will see me!). Such a cute post!

Linds F. said...

This is such a fun and awesome blog post. :)

Hurray to another early riser! I, too bee-line first thing out of bed. Looove coffee. Although European coffee is far superior than North American.

I'm writing a post that touches on how hard it is meeting/making friends when you're older. Jeff and I are the same as you and your man. We mainly keep to ourselves.

What does Turkish sound like? Like Arabic or something along those lines?

Might just have to steal this post idea for a future post.


Here I scribble said...

Hi, you have been tagged for an award. Check out my blog post for details :)
—DT | Here I Scribble

Christina said...

You'd be a great neighbor! I'm usually up at 6:00 am, but my rude next door neighbor with a loud car revs his engine every morning at 5:20, so that seems to be my wake up time these days. And I don't drink coffee, so I need naps! Hahah!


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