April 27, 2015

Quick hello and an Update


Happy Monday!

Please keep my mom in your thoughts and prayers as she is still recovering in the hospital. The initial plans we all thought would be her being moved to another facility to fully recover got postponed twice in the last week. She had a minor surgery on Friday night due to a scar either opening up or not healing the way it was supposed to, or who knows. All I know is she had surgery. Again. I don't care why. Drives me nuts. She sounded well on Saturday when I talked to her, just felt uncomfortable holding the phone so I didn't get to talk to her too long. At least I got to talk to her, right?

Other than that...we have been packing, and packing, and packing. Crazy how time flies. I couldn't even go online for the past four days to write a proper post. Or connect with other bloggers as much as I used to. Packing and organizing all kinds of stuff for the move can be so time consuming but will be worth in the end. :)

By the way, thank you so much for all the tips about our upcoming move. They all helped a lot. We have four bags full of clothing items we will donate this week, have gotten rid of other stuff we simply don't need, and heck, it all looks spectacular. Plus, I try to breathe and not take it all too seriously. And yes, boxes are packed up in regards to each room...our kitchen has the most stuff...haha, who would have thought.

Two full weeks left until I want to be ready to sit back for a few days until the big move day. Time really flies. Holy cow.



Joey said...

Definitely keeping your mom in my thoughts and prayers. And as for the move--good for you for not taking it too seriously! It'll get done in the end haha!

Mree said...

Keeping your mom in my prayers! Hope the move goes well, try not to stress about it. You will get it all done.

Sara Strand said...

Keeping you AND your mom in my thoughts. She sounds like a tough lady so I'm sure she'll pull through just fine. :)

I also do not envy you with moving. I really hate moving. The only good thing is that I really do purge a lot in the process and I can't say I've ever regretted that, so I'll take it.

Linds F. said...

Ah shit not another surgery?! Your poor mother, I was hoping she was on her way to recovering and getting the heck outta there. She's in my thoughts, love.

We'll all still be here for you when you're back more regularly.


Sierra said...

You're getting closer! Way to go with the packing girl. And yes...I'm actually commenting! ;) I'm sorry about my mom. You know I'm praying for her and it has got to be hard not being there and relying on quick chats with her. I know everything will be okay though. xoxo

Tobia Nooke said...

Sorry to hear about your mom.
Hope she feels better soon and all goes uphill.
Good thing you have something occupying your mind with the move I would go crazy in your place...


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