April 14, 2015

Mother and Daughter


Thank you so much for all the love and happy, positive thoughts and prayers. My mom's surgery went well and she was recovering for the next couple of days in the ICU. Since yesterday afternoon she is in her own room getting stronger day by day. Considering she is not a young spring chicken anymore, she is a very strong and powerful woman. She's my hero.

I went through an extreme time with unsure tornado-like thoughts making it impossible for me to think clearly. I cried every day. I felt alone. I felt lost. I was close to booking a flight home just to sit in the waiting area. Yet, it would not have made much sense. After such a difficult surgery all one needs is rest. Lots of rest. So I would have flown over for nothing. Literally. Okay, I would have probably cleaned her place, and taken care of laundry and bills {which have been taken care of by her best friend}, but I would not have had a chance to be close to her. So, in a way it's good I didn't fly over. 

My mom even told me not to do it. She said she'd rather see me once she's back home, 90% healed and ready to slowly live life by herself again. She will spend this week in the hospital, and then move to a recovery facility for about one month as far as I know. After that she will be able to go home if the doctors allow it {I am sure they will}. I am planning on visiting her in June and July. Alone. Yes, my favorite person will stay behind, studying his butt off while I will take care of my mom. It will be challenging but part of a cycle everyone somehow at some point in life {sooner or later} has to go through. I have mixed feelings but I know it will all be good. It's life, and life happens every single second. We don't say "every second counts" for nothing.

As a daughter, I am proud of my mom. I am sorry she had to go through this right now at her age. However, it's her life. She will get through this, and heal perfectly. She is stronger than she thinks. I just know it. I learned my lesson through her and her health. I am living a healthier life, and making sure I take care of myself. I have to. I just must. In a way, I believe, the choices I have made in my life are based on how I grew up, and how I saw my mom and family live {healthy or not}. No wonder I chose to work on a food challenge this first half of the year. Living healthy, and feeling better is a major goal of mine. Always has been, always will be!


P.s. Update: my mom's surgery was a crucial one; also, it all turned out to be related to a medication she was given 20 years ago to stabilize her stomach issues. It's crazy to think that a simple medication trying to help you in one area may actually cause a whole other issue in another area over time. Insane. Hearing this scared me but it also opened up eyes. Again, I learned my lesson. I also know why I am a strong believer in "you are what you eat and how you live". Everything is always connected. 


The Flynnigans said...

Big hugs. So very glad to read all of this and confirmation.

Unknown said...

I'm So glad her surgery went well, abd that she's beginning the road to recovery. I'll keep her and you in my prayers

Christina said...

I'm glad everything went well! Here's to a speedy recovery!


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