August 28, 2015

10 Things That Made Me Happy This Week

The amazing Krysten and  Lindsay started a weekly linkup last week, and this week I am linking up with them. On Monday I shared with you what I was looking forward to, and today I am sharing with you what really, truly made me happy this week. 

1. Our trip to Napa {photos will follow}
2. Songs that give me motivation to move on and let go of the past
4. Less pain
5. 36 Hours {travel shows are fun}
6. Fruits - lots of fruits and yogurt
7. HomeGoods
8. My beautiful blue blouse from StitchFix
9. Movie Night
10. Essential Oils by Young Living

This week was great!!!! How was yours?!

Happy Friday my lovelies,



The Flynnigans said...

So many wonderful things my love!! I'm so glad you've joined in on the link up. It's fun. :)

xoxo hope you have a wonderful weekend!

Christina said...

Great linkup! I might have to join in. It sounds like things have been really happy for you lately. I'm so glad! I haven't been to HomeGoods in a while. I need to change that.


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