August 3, 2015

Weekly Hopes {1}

August and the following months are going to be very different and new to me. Well, as you know, I want to change things up in my life, on the blog, and just in general and forever. After my quite long ordeal in Europe I think I have the right and should make it an effort to live life differently. Positivity is important. Hope is important. So, I thought to share weekly Monday posts on hopes or wishes, or things I wish or hope for to happen; or things I know will happen. What do you think?!
I think YES

So for the first installment of Weekly we go:

1 - Seeing my MIL tomorrow. She will be driving over two hours to see me for the day. Best MIL ever
2 - Hoping to make an appointment at the Swiss consulate to get some paperwork done
3 - Hoping to get a massage session squeezed in; we desperately need some relaxation time
4 - Date Night on Friday {I have to reinforce this weekly ritual again}
5 - Getting the pain on my left side taken care of...or just lessened because it's no fun
6 - Finding a great acupressure therapist
7 - Pool time {do I need to say more?}

What do you think? Positive enough? I think so. Also, in order to make the consulate visit work in our favor I need to order a few things for my favorite person. They want a birth certificate of him that was issued no older than six months ago...hmmm, really?! I don't think a birthday is going to change once it happened, but whatever they want we will make happen. Gotta get that stuff done, it's ridiculous paperwork but it is what is needed. Wish us luck.

Happy Monday!!

What are you looking forward to this week?


Tobia Nooke said...

Oh there are few fun ones I there! And so nice of your MIL
Is it bad that I am hoping Friday comes soon? And I also hope to stuff my face with tons of watermelon
Have a great week, Tobia

The Flynnigans said...

I hope that your left side pain is nothing more than stress. That's enough alone let alone some other medical ailment.

Enjoy your day with your mother in law. She sounds like a very special lady that cares about you deeply.

Much love xo

Mree said...

I love this idea. That is so sweet of your MIL to drive two hours to see you. You totally deserve all the happiness in the world. Good luck with the consulate, I know how hard that can be. Hugs.


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