August 25, 2015

Strong and Dark - Blue

End of August nears! End of August nears!!! 
Not only is our one-year anniversary approaching {August 29!!!!!} I am also hoping to see and feel some cooler temperatures. Honestly, summer will stay in California for quite some time and I don't think fall will arrive until October or even November. With darker and stronger colors I can trick my mind and make me slowly adjust to upcoming cooler temps, perhaps? No?!

Untitled #111

I think, despite the very hot temperatures we are still having, it is time to take out my navy, dark blue colored wardrobe. It will make for a fun date outfit. I don't own rompers {I am too short for that; insert sad face} but I own some cute, tight navy colored pants that I can easily pair with a printed top, or use my newest blue colored top I received from StitchFix. They really nailed it when I received my last fix and I could not be any happier with my new top. So, blue is definitely my color. It's great for any season but it's definitely a fantastic color to transition into any new season. This is my fall color I can tell!!!

Any fun color you are looking forward to wearing soon? Are you wearing a specific color to transition into fall? Let me know. I need some ideas. 

Have a fantastic day my lovelies,



Krysten Quiles said...

I always feel like blue isn't my color, which is kind of weird. But these? Love.

Christina said...

I've always loved navy so much. I'm really excited about all the fall colors this year: wine, mustard, army green, navy. It feels like my high school days! Haha!


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