August 24, 2015

Weekly Hopes {4}

Good morning everyone!
It is a beautiful day, a beautiful morning and just one fantastic week. I cannot be any more excited about this week, so my Weekly Hopes for this week will be fun and literally hopeful! :) 

1 - Enjoying our beautiful Napa trip {we really needed this} - check out my Instagram for updates
2 - Wineries. Whether or not you drink, walking through a huge vineyard is an amazing feeling
3 - Time away from home
4 - Date Night on Friday {I think a movie at home with a home cooked meal will do the trick}
5 - A trip to HomeGoods
6 - Going to the Animal Shelter; we are thinking of adopting. It is time.
7 - September approaching {I can feel fall knocking on our doors!!}

This week is a good one. We are on our anniversary trip, having a blast, and B and I both get our deserved vacation. It's a honeymoon and anniversary trip in one. Amazing. Also, when you know you are slowly feeling better it makes life even more beautiful. I'm a happy gal. I'm still grieving and that is normal, but I do see light at the end of the tunnel knowing it will get easier and "softer". It just takes time. So, with this beautiful week and our is really what we both needed, and we couldn't be any happier.

Have a fantastic day!!!!



Marie said...

Hope you have a wonderful honeymoon and anniversary trip!

The Flynnigans said...

So glad to read and see from your pics you're enjoying yourselves xoxo Happy Anniversary love.

Jade Wright said...

Vineyards are beautiful and should be experienced by everyone, drinkers or not... but I for one never leave sober #justsaying :)

Eeeek adopting?! A cat / dog / llama!? Great news. I really admire and appreciate people that rather go to the shelter and give an animal in need a loving home. Well done and good luck - the right lovely child will come your way x

PS have fall! You can take it!! I am so ready for Spring in South Africa!! Brrrrrr....

Lindsay said...

Sounds like you are getting to relax and enjoy your trip!! Have fun!


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