August 6, 2015

Coffee first, then a HomeGoods run

When you move thousands of miles and move into a new place you always need to work on making that new place feel like home. When we moved I was going through a horrible time. I was pretty much cleaning out a home and filling boxes in Europe while my folks here in California were opening up boxes and moving furniture around. I put all my faith into them that everything worked out beautifully, without any back ache and sore muscles. Everything went well. However, when you leave your guy alone for so long {yes, unwillingly} and regularly send boxes home you come home to a mess. 

Last week and this week I have opened up thirteen boxes {the last one has yet to arrive}, organized the kitchen {I pretty much switched everything around, including the fridge}, the bathroom, linen closet, laundry corner, bedroom, and closet. The living room didn't need much. However, it still needs to have some life added to it. It is sooooo boring.

So my current work is to make my new home feel more like home. Home may be where the heart is as yesterday's post talked about...but it also needs to look and feel like home. 

This is my update so far: 
* I need YOUR help and ideas

The kitchen needs a clock. A colorful one, I want to have fun while cooking.
The bathroom has gotten a touch of turquoise/teal color added; two to three items are still missing. 
*The dining area has a real table and chairs!! YAY. Something is missing though; a picture? Letters?
The entrance is complete. Maybe a cute tray to put keys on is needed?! Hmmmm...
The living room needs a rug, and new pillows!
The bedroom needs a cozy corner and a mirror.
*The closet is almost complete. It needs a better shoe rack {why do I have so many shoes?}, and a place to put my purses. I also need a better jewelry box; mine is too small now. I inherited some cute things from my mom. Vintage all the way. Yay.  
The balcony is complete. MIL brought us plants and we love them.
*The outdoor entrance...should or shouldn't I decorate it? Ideas? Come Halloween I will add a pumpkin or two.

I need a strong coffee first and then hit up HomeGoods and other places...

...wish me luck and don't forget to give me any ideas. I'm a hands-on kind of girl...I must touch the material first before I purchase it. Weird I know. I would have better chances ordering online I am sure.


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The Flynnigans said...

Pictures when you are done! Love teal/turquoise in the bathroom. That'd be nice with accent white or grey.



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