August 31, 2015

Weekly Hopes {5}

Happy Monday!!

I cannot believe today is the last day in August. Where did the time go?! September is tomorrow! Tomorrow!!! Wow. I'm so excited and I hope I am not the only one here. So without further ado, here's today's list of what I am hoping is going to happen this week.

1. Dental Cleaning on Thursday {yes, I'm excited about that!!!}
2. Cooler temperatures - no more triple digits, no more super hot dry or humid summer weather
3. More motivation
4. A potential part-time job that will keep me distracted, starting tomorrow {eeeek!!}
5. A cleaner home - fall cleaning is due
6. Making a new order on my essential oils {I'm addicted; please don't judge, they've helped me a lot}
7. Hot apple get into the fall spirit
8. A possible double date night with new friends
9. More tomatoes from our patio
10. Dinner at the nearby Turkish restaurant 

How's your Monday?!
Are you excited about this week or rather dreading it?

It's a new week, a new day...just make the best and most of it.



Christina said...

I look forward to dental cleanings too. Haha! Congrats on the job! I hope you love it. Apple cider is my favorite. I think I need a cup tonight!

The Flynnigans said...

I'm hoping that with the cooler, fall temperatures my motivation to clean returns.

Good luck for the part time love. Xo


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