October 20, 2015

My Pet Peeves

Everyone has pet peeves. Everything has certain things that bother them, irk them, make them cringe at the thought of it...you know, the moment you get goose bumps out of nowhere when you hear, see, feel, or taste something that goes against what feels right to you. Today, I am sharing with you what makes me irk the most.

1. People who wear socks in sandals. Seriously, you either wear socks in shoes, or no socks in sandals. A combination is just downright wrong. Also "I have to wear in my sandals" or " I get blisters easily" or "it was more comfortable that way" is NOT an excuse. Prone to blisters? Wear different shoes or wear them in at home, privately. Don't even say it was more comfortable...just don't. It doesn't make any sense because all you refer to is wearing socks as more comfortable, then do it but with a proper pair of sneakers. 

2. People who chew with their mouth open. It not only ruins the meal for me, it shows they don't have any proper table manners whatsoever. No one wants to see what your adding to your mouth, nor do we want to hear those sounds. Gross.

3. People who cannot hold or do not want to hold their fork and knife correctly. Call me snobbish but a fork is not a screwdriver. Do not hold it like one. Do not hold your knife with a weirdly angled hand either. It hurts my eyes. It also looks like you want to butcher your meal. Just no.

4. People using speakerphones in public. I really don't want to listen to your phone conversation, private or work related, especially not when I am sitting three feet away from you in a restaurant for example. No. Use your legs, walk outside, and make that call. Use your headphones if you cannot leave at all, but then again, if you are in a restaurant your phone should be tugged away in your purse or so...because, really, give your phone a break and enjoy your meal. Plus, really...be considerate of other people's space and time. 

5. The constant urge to share everything with everyone. You do not have to share everything on social media. You do not have to belong to every social media outlet. You cannot and will not be able to keep up. Plus, no one wants to see videos that are crooked, loud, have drunk people in them, weird sounds coming from whatever direction, and non-sense coming our way. Sorry. No. Grow up. 

6. Inconsiderate people. Enough said. Just grow up. Don't act as if you are 16 because you are not a kid anymore. Show manners, behave, and use your normal voice. Plus, please, don't scream when something excites you...you can be excited, even have a tad bit of a louder voice but there's no need to scream. YES, if you are at a game by all means, share your happiness. If you are at a club or in public somewhere and get excited about something be considerate. There are people out there that do not share your enthusiasm, or want to sleep, or want to talk, or want a quiet moment, or want to enjoy a nice date. Think before you act stupid, you are not always in your own living room!

7. False promises. You promise to do something, do it. You tell me we will go some place or meet up or what not...and all of that fails because, well, you had better things to do?! You can do this to me once; twice, not sure if I fall for it again. The constant canceling is annoying. You got to earn my trust back. Cannot stand false promises. They are full of fluff and air.

8. The noise we hear when someone rubs his/her fingers on balloons. Really, do I have to say more?

9. People who do not pick up after their dogs. Just gross. Move your lazy butt, clean up after your so-called beloved fur baby, and go on with your life. You don't want to step on poop, neither do your neighbors, friends, relatives or your kids. Seriously.

10. People who do not pay attention to their partners when in a conversation. Is it really that hard to put down the phone and focus on the person in front of you?! Your dumb facebook entry can wait, your retweet because you are too lazy to type something yourself can wait, the snap chats can wait {they will still be available in 30 seconds, don't worry; if not, you will not die, I promise}, the 1530+ emails you never responded to can wait a minute longer because, well, you do not care about them in the first place otherwise you'd have only five unanswered ones...put the phone away, pause the show, pause the game, put the newspaper down {unfortunately, most people these days do not even read it anymore}, and solely focus on the person who is in front of you trying to talk to you. Worst part? When I see people at a restaurant. It is okay to take photos of the food but there is no need to instagram or check emails right away; do that later on. No one cares at that moment. Just pay attention to the people around you, especially when they want to have a conversation with you.


I have more. However, that is for another time. If you think I am mean by sharing this....well, it's honesty. Honesty should count. Plus, let's really be clear here...we all have pet peeves, we all have things that irk us, bother us, and sometimes we say something about it, sometimes we let it be. Whichever way you choose to handle your pet peeves is up to you. I usually let them be especially when they do not concern me. Yet, if my partner sits next to me and we are in a conversation and he out of nowhere grabs his phone and starts checking some stupid stuff on there I get upset. He'd get upset too if I did that to him. Ugh, just typing this made me upset...hahaha.

Seriously, we all have pet peeves; we are only human. It's all natural. No need to get upset by reading what I don't like...because I am sure if I read yours I wouldn't understand half of your disliked things either.

So, with that...what are some of your pet peeves?

image via Bizarro!


The Flynnigans said...

I found myself nodding and chuckling a few times ever. ;-) I've been making a list of $hit that annoys me for a while and I'll be posting about, too. I think it's also to do with maturing and realizing that some things are just intolerable life is too short to not speak up id something is bothering you. It's therapeutic, even.

Tobia Nooke said...

Oh I am so with you on #1,3,4... Most of the other I can relate to too.


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