October 7, 2015


Today is the day I want to start being a bit more personal on here. After all, this is my personal blog and called Crazy Little World Of Mine...it's all about my world, my life, and well, myself. So I thought I'd jump into this Currently theme...always wanted to do this and never had the guts {who knows why not}. And if you think the photo looks familiar...yes, it's the original shot of my Monday's Weekly Hope Series. I promise I won't always use the same photo but this week I felt it was an appropriate one.

Thinking about: What to get my family for Christmas. Last year was intense you guys. I mean, I did not expect to get so many presents, yet, obviously loved it. We exchanged Christmas wishlists, and we added a few things to those lists as surprises as well. However, I was not prepared for all the goodies...so this year I shall be prepared in full force. So...definitely thinking about Christmas!

Listening: Spotify; random country music. Honestly, I'm not a huge fan of country BUT I came to enjoy it because it keeps me relaxed and somewhat motivated. Best part? I can actually sing along, so why not. Plus, some of the songs are very catchy...I am all for it.

Watching: Castle. I'm watching Monday's show. Yes, I know I am two days behind but hey, at least I am not two months behind. Just saying.

Reading: Blogs I have to catch up on. I feel bad for not reading them at times when they are written or at least posted but life complicates things at times, and those things force me to stay off the web and off the blogosphere. Yet, it's time to catch up.

Loving: The fact that I actually feel a difference in my mood, and in my body. Feels amazing. It'll take some time until I feel a lot less anxious and a lot less "off", but just knowing that I can feel a difference and my favorite person sees a difference...this means the world to me! I love it!

Planning: A trip to a Pumpkin Patch. I love pumpkins, and we need pumpkins in our home. Plus, I want to get my own one and not buy it at the grocery store. I need the challenge. Haha!

So what's up with you?!


Krysten Quiles said...

I am BARELY awake right now. We had a rough night with the new foster dog so it's going to be kind of a hazy day. Yawn.

Marie said...

Trips to the pumpkin patch are always fun.

Monic Sutter said...

yay for pumpkins!


Tobia Nooke said...

Yeah for country music. I like listening to it. It makes me happy somehow.
And I need to watch castle - I am a bit behind.

I am so glad you feel a difference and I really hope you feel all happy soon.


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