October 5, 2015

Weekly Hopes {10}

Good morning everyone!
I seriously had the weirdest and best weekend ever. I finally, finally, finally got my dates right. Seriously. Last week I thought Wednesday was Tuesday, Thursday was Wednesday, and Saturday was Friday. I was always a day behind. I don't know what happened. It didn't feel weird though, just confused the heck out of me because when I wanted to join a link up I totally missed the day. I guess my brain was all over the place. I am just glad a new week starts today so I can focus on being better and hoping for a fun and colorful fall season! 

This week I am hoping for...

1 - Getting my dates and days correct {not like last week}
2 - No more coughing, sneezing, and heavy head-like feelings
3 - More energy
4 - Fresh tomatoes from our tomato plants
5 - Finally sending a birthday gift away....my friend's bday was two weeks ago {oops!}
6 - Hot apple cider
7 - Receiving a check in the mail...I worked hard for that...give me the money!!
8 - New recipes to try

You know it's funny...a couple of nights ago we realized that I have finally started to change for the better. Grief is a strong emotion that stays with you forever. It changes you. I am still me, but I am much slower and not so motivated at times. Months ago I was all over new recipes, new things to do or to discover. It's taken me about five to six months to get back into trying new recipes. By that I mean, even looking for one in a book, online, on apps, etc. I even deleted cooking shows I had on my DVR. I think, my grief period started in April when I knew something wasn't right and could end up in the unthinkable. So I blocked every happy mode I could possibly feel for months...those happy modes are slowly returning. So, I am sooooo hoping to try new recipes this week. A new easy side dish would be perfect; it doesn't have to be a full on heavy meal...so wish me luck!! And hopefully I won't forget to take photos so I can share with you.

Happy Monday!

What are you looking forward to this week?! AND don't tell me it's only Friday!! 



Liz Jo said...

I hope you feel better too! I was coughing like crazy for a week or so, and thought I may have bronchitis it was so bad. And yes, it's good to focus on the good and the happy instead of other things :)

liz jo @sundays with sophie

Branson Merrill said...

I am the worst about actually getting packages to the post office! I love to send things, but for some reason that post office visit always seems like such a big task, lol!

Anonymous said...

Mmmm fresh tomatoes. :)


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