October 27, 2015

Dry Skin and Lazy? No Problem...Curel Won't Disappoint

A couple of weeks ago I received a moisturizing spray and body wash by Curel Itch Defense. I have to admit I was running out of body lotion so this arrived at the best time. Also, I can be pretty lazy in the morning. Sometimes I just don't have the time to dry my body, put on lotion, wait, and then put my clothes on and start the day. I often skip the art of moisturizing my precious skin. I know it's not good but I am only human. It happens. 

When I was sent this spray I was super stoked. Just dry your skin, spray on, rub/massage in and go. Perfect. Also, since it's Curel's Itch Defense it is made for extra dry skin that can itch. A change in season always means that our skin changes too. My skin is really dry in general so when it gets colder and dryer {although it's been super dry where we live...so it gets even worse} my skin is yelling at me. It hates me. It itches, and yes, I will scratch back.

Itch Defense by Curel has helped me keep up with my morning routine, and my hands away from scratching my skin. My skin has felt moisturized and healthier. It isn't greasy at all. Its scent is decent and not too overpowering. I prefer something that doesn't smell all day but keeps my skin happy. Also, combining the body wash and the lotion is a perfect way to start my day. I feel clean and my skin feels happy and healthy. I have tried a few lotions and most leave me either very greasy, or their scent evaporates fast or becomes smelly. No one wants that. 

Verdict: I will give Curel Itch Defense five out of five points!!!! Easy to apply, leaves my skin moisturized all day and smells fresh rather than flowery overpowering. PLUS, my skin does not itch anymore. Total win.

If you are interested in receiving free products to test and review go check out Influenster. I signed up over three years ago and have not been disappointed once. It gives me a chance to test products that are catered towards my taste and my lifestyle. Love it. 

Disclaimer: I received these products complimentary for testing purposes. All opinions are my own.

1 comment :

Christina said...

I totally need to try this! I'm always in a hurry after a shower too and don't moisturize all the time. I love that you said it smells fresh, not flowery too.


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