October 12, 2015

Weekly Hopes {11}

Good morning! 
How was your weekend?! Mine was very mellow...meaning me on the couch, TV on, iPad on, lots of fluids, tissues, oils, lotions, and lots and lots of naps. Just the usual. It's what it is. Life happens. My grieving process involves being slightly sick...but hey it's okay. I have to flush out all those toxins, drinks lots of happy potions and then kick some butt again. I will not suffer any longer. Stupid stupid grief. Go away!!

Here's what I hope for this week to happen...all of the happy moments...

1 - More sleep
2 - No more sniffles
3 - An easy adjustment to my man's new schedule
4 - More fall weather {hello, I want to wear my boots!!}
5 - Starting a new book...haven't decided which one yet
6 - A possible day-trip to see the in-laws 
7 - Homemade apple crisp
8 - A new haircut 

It's the little things. I'm hoping that this week will be easy, and falls into a routine we both can live with. B's schedule changed. Not sure if it's a good thing. We both have mixed feelings about it. I just told him that he can try it and see how it goes. If he can tolerate it, if he likes his new hours, then yes, why not. If not, he can always go back and get his old hours back. Nothing changes. Pay and the amount of hours remain the same; just the shift shifts. Ha!

We will see how it goes. I am just insanely fortunate to be living my life with him, and to share every moment of my life with him. It's crazy. My dream has come true. Just a few more things have to happen and we can be even more happy. We seize each day, make the best of it, and take nothing for granted! 

Hope your week goes by smoothly!!

Go and smile, even when you least feel like it!



Joey @ Hodgespodges said...

All excellent goals for this week! I'm sorry you've been battling the sniffles--the worst. Although I'm slightly jealous of your couch and iPad time. I need a totally vegged out weekend stat.

Christina said...

Is it finally cooling off down there? It sounds like you have some fun stuff to look forward to. I hope this week goes better than your weekend did!


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