October 26, 2015

Weekly Hopes {13}

Happy Monday my lovelies. 
How was your weekend?! Mine? It was pretty fantastic. 
Let's just say instead of going to a pumpkin patch we found our kitty match and adopted two cutie pies. Screw the pumpkins...the kitties are much cuter and last longer, too. I will miss our pumpkin carving time {although you never know...we may still go and pick two but I doubt it}, but I am very happy with our addition to our little family. Even though I am very happy with our two girlies, there are still a few things I am looking forward to this week...here it goes:

1 - Possible rain. California needs it.
2 - Doctor appointments...for me and the felines.
3 - A day trip to see the family in Nevada; with the kitties. They love to travel and have been back and forth to Southern California quite a lot...so happy about that.
4 - Meatloaf for dinner.
5 - Another much needed massage on Thursday. 
6 - My StitchFix arrival...cannot wait to see what my stylist chose for me this time!
7 - Halloween decorations all over town.
8 - Hocus Pocus.
9 - SLEEP!!! No idea but I am exhausted. 
10 - Getting our new couch!!! Finally!

This week will be fun. I can already tell. I have to send a few emails out, write and share reviews, and organize a few things but it will be a fun week. No exams for the hubs, no job drama, no stress...just a few appointments, a massage, fun neighborhoods, and a get together with family. It's going to be a great week. Plus, they say it may rain on Wednesday?! YES please. Also, when we go see the in-laws I can finally wear my fall boots...I have been waiting for this for so long. Pretty ridiculously long. :) 

Hope your week starts out with beautifully as well.
Sending you some sunshine if you are tired of the rain...just send it to us here in dry-land California. Thank you in advance.


P.s. More on our family addition soon....cannot wait to share some fun stuff with you all.

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The Flynnigans said...

Those kitties are just so cute, like squishy against my face to feel their fur cute.:-)


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