October 1, 2015

Hello October


Three more months and this year will be history. Crazy how fast this year went by. Scary, too. I am very happy to see this month today. It not only shows me that time passes, it also shows me how much I have healed since May. Plus, this month I would like to start fresh, start new...or at least start with an uplifting spirit. Every day, every minute.

This month will be fun, too. 

We have tickets to a stand up comedy show of one of our favorite comedians. We have plans to meet up with friends from SoCal {I hope it works out}, and we have plans to go to pumpkin patches, to an annual festival in a nearby town, and we have definitely plans to enjoy this month in full length and spirit {see my post on fall traditions}...after all it is one of my favorites. Seeing leaves change color, feeling a cooler breeze, and tasting more fall/wintery drinks and foods...that is my favorite part. Oh, and I can finally wear all those scarves I have and my new boots!!! Hello for new boots {ones that actually fit my short legs!}. 

Dear October,
Thank you for showing up...please bring us some cooler temps, and a month filled with happiness and love. Thank you.



The Flynnigans said...

Ooh! Comedy shows are fun. Have you ever seen anyone famous? We've seen Tommy Chong before and he was good. Joe Rogan is pretty good too but he's hard to catch.

Happy Friday love xo

Leeann @ Join the Gossip said...

I know you've explained the summers as not the greatest up there, but fall sounds pretty awesome! I'll send you beach sunsets if you send me changing leaves ;)


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