October 19, 2015

Weekly Hopes {12}

Hi guys,
I'm a bit off these days...so have to focus more and schedule things accordingly. It's one of those weeks again. Good thing though is I had a great weekend spent with family and fur babies. Lots and lots of doggie kisses helped heal my sad heart. So, without further ado here's what I am hoping this week will happen...

1 - A cleaner place...lately we have been slacking...I blame the new schedule and the recent trip. Ugh.
2 - Working on my inflamed muscles in my neck&on my back...so stupid, and so connected. It hurts.
3 - Getting a doctor's appointment.
4 - A trip to the animal shelter again - we are ready to adopt; let's hope we find a match.
5 - Going to a pumpkin patch. Finally.
6 - Getting rid of our old couch! YES!
7 - Catching up on emails, blogs, and packages...still need to send a box.
8 - Getting more accomplished this week...
9 - Hoping this second week of a new schedule will be easier than last week's.

Guys...a new schedule is one thing...but seeing my man walking around like a zombie barely talking to me, barely talking to anyone but his cereal bowl? That is depressing. I feel bad for him. He seems to like his new hours though but not the adjustment to a new life schedule. Let's hope this second week goes more smoothly than last week. I would really like to be able to talk to him again. 

Happy Monday to all of you out there.
I'm going to be getting my butt moving and hopefully get lots of stuff done this week. Wish me luck!

Hope your week starts off beautifully!



Joey @ Hodgespodges said...

Aww yay for adopting!!! And I'm with you--I need to be more consistent with my cleaning.

Marie Twinliving said...

I totally need to get better with cleaning. Some weeks I'm really good and then other weeks, I'm terrible. Yay for adopting.

The Flynnigans said...

Oh my goodness, YES, I'm so happy you're getting an animal. I think it'll be therapeutic for you, among so many other awesome things. Yay!! I'm so excited for! Good luck, I hope you find a furry that you love and loves you back!! Xo


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