December 8, 2015

Holiday Sweater Inspiration

Colder and windier temperatures mean one thing. Sweater Weather!
I own a few sweaters but nothing as cute as what I found. In comparison mine are boring. Mine are not even holiday or winter related. I should add one to my collection with a cute reindeer or polar bear. How cute would I look? Bangs, and a cute little sweater with a white bear on it?! I'd be looking maybe 16 but I will take it.  

Untitled #119

I seriously need a cute reindeer sweater that keeps me warm in these Northern California winter. Believe it or not it does rain here and it also snows. How about a colorful, fully winter-inspired sweater? Or a snowman? So cute. Also, an elegant sweater that will even go well when invited to a half-casual holiday party? Or just sparkle all the way because you are a girl. There are so many options to choose from it is amazing. Off I go searching for the right one keeping me entertained and warm this time of year. I have a feeling January and February will be colder and gross, so I better get prepared. 

Are you a sweater person? 
I wasn't until it got cold here in California. I miss my old home when it was 75 degrees in December. Yet, I am not complaining. I like where I live and I am happy. That is all that counts, right?! 


1 comment :

Christina said...

These are all so cute! I especially love any with deer on them, but the black one with the deer print.


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