December 29, 2015

Reading Challenge 2016

Time has flown by this year it is unbelievable. It has flown by so fast I did not complete my reading challenge I had in mind for 2015. I love to read but when life hits you in the face unexpectedly you either read more or you stop. I stopped. I could not pick up a book; any book. I wasn't interested in the written word for a long time and this scared me. I had no desire to get lost in anything. The second I opened a book and decided to read it I paused for a few seconds and smiled, knowing I was doing the right thing and knowing I was feeling better. 

So with 2016 approaching I knew I needed change. It is not because a new year is about to begin. It is because I feel it is time to make a few changes in general. Life taught me a lot this year and one thing I know is to not wait for anything or anyone. 2016 will be filled with changes, and one will be my reading challenge. 

A few weeks ago, Krysten mentioned on social media that she was going to ask her other half to choose books for her to read. To be honest, this thought scared me because my other half cannot stand reading at the moment and even if, we both have very different taste in literature. To challenge our relationship and my love for the written word I knew I had to try this as well. So, thank you Krysten for inspiring me to challenge myself and my books. 

Here are the rules:

  • B solely chooses the books from my Goodreads list and/or from the shelf I mark as unread
  • I get six vetoes {though I doubt I will use them all, if any}
  • If I don't like the book and cannot make it halfway through I can stop reading it
  • If the book is part of a series and I like it I am allowed to read the next book in that series

I am excited about this. This will help me cross a few books off my online list, and it will allow me to discover genres I think I have no interest in {but we all know I do}. 2016 will be an interesting reading year for me. I am so ready!


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