December 16, 2015

Gift Ideas for the Hostess #4

We are approaching the happiest time of year pretty soon my lovely readers. It is next week. It may be the 16th today but next week is when Christmas knocks on most of our doors. If you are still invited to a holiday party, or your mom decides to invite the whole neighborhood so you can meet Mr Right {you never know...}, then don't forget to bring something with you when you attend as a sign of appreciation and a thank you. After all, you aren't going just to eat and drink, right?!

Untitled #124

Love the decanter {can you tell I love wine?!}, the chalkboard, the NYC coasters, and yes, even the lip balm set. You cannot go wrong with any of these. Even just a nail polish can make anyone's day. Plus, even if you are not invited to any party but you are attending a family dinner this holiday season you can still bring your mom, your dad, your siblings, aunt, grandparents, or even in-laws something. Look at it as a special holiday present; just showing your gratitude and happiness to be part of that special event {whatever if may be}.

Have an amazing day my lovely readers.

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