December 2, 2015

Gift Ideas for the Hostess #2

Another week, another idea for more gifts. This month is long and it should end with fun celebrations. Plus, to bring a gift has never been not accepted. At least I never heard of that. 

Are you going to party your friend is hosting, your co-worker invited you to, or your mother wants you to attend so you can finally meet so-and-so?! Here are a few more ideas of what you can bring to make your hosts happy!!! 

Untitled #122

How about the ornament? I love getting a new ornament each year. Or fun glassware? Or pour spouts, or a vase? How about a fun tea towels; they always brighten my day. So many things to bring your host, so many possibilities to brighter anyone's day this holiday season.

Missed the last round? Don't worry, I have you covered here. :)

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