December 17, 2015

Currently {3}

Thinking about: How happy I am that this semester is finally over. I didn't go to school but my man did. He should have been out of school years ago but they keep adding classes or canceling them, it just takes forever. Plus, this semester he also took over some stupid night shifts {they are over} and I would be lying if I said it did not put a strain on our relationship. We are okay. It was just one hard test for both of us to pass. For the past two months we saw each other about ten minutes per day. That is it. When he was off he slept until one or two in the afternoon.
So, I am incredibly happy that this time is finally over...and my happiness is one heck of a thing to think about. :) 

Listening to: Christmas music. It makes me happy and also a little sad. What can I say? It's the holidays...they always make me melancholic and sentimental. This year more than ever before.

Watching: Luna and Lilee wrestle with one another while I sip my steaming hot coffee. Sibling love is the cutest. Yes, it's love. Their play is fun and not at all aggressive.

Reading: House Rules by Jodi Picoult and a bunch of magazines I found at home I know I want to read and toss afterwards.

Loving: That B is done with school for this semester. He's worked really hard to get to where he wants to go and even though his school gives him a few obstacles he has managed these challenges quite well. No more school means no more stress, homework, projects, and no more drama in general.

Planning: Our trip to see family in Northern Nevada. Traveling with kittens is no problem for me but it still requires planning. It is like traveling with children of any age minus the extra clothes in case of an "accident". I'm writing a list of what to bring, and technically of what we can get in Nevada. I want to avoid extra trips to the pet store or any other store so I usually bring everything with me. Haha.

What are you currently up to?! 


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