December 28, 2015

Weekly Hopes {22}

Hope you had a marvelous Christmas time and are ready to say good-bye to this year and welcome the new one. I certainly am ready. 2015 wasn't my favorite. Every year has its ups and downs but this year had a lot more downs than usual. Losing my mom so early and so unexpectedly was certainly not on my list to see or experience. It is on no one's list. It took me by surprise, screwed up my summer {although I saw friends and family in Switzerland and Turkey again} and challenged me greatly. I have slowly learned to deal with this loss. I know I am nowhere near feeling awesome or as I was feeling before but I am feeling okay. That is one major step forward. This is all I need. One step at a time.

I stared this Weekly Hopes Series when I knew I had to change my outlook on everything. It helped me look forward to things and make plans. It helped me focus. It helped me live life. I will not discontinue this series as I see its great benefit. I don't know for how long I will continue this but so far it's been my hopeful corner of peace and tranquility.

So, with that being said...for this week and the rest of this year {wow!!!} I am hoping for a few very crucial things...let's have a look:

1 - Another helpful chiropractor appointment
2 - Movie Date with my man
3 -  A quiet, laid back New Year's Eve
4 -  Laughter, lots of laughter

How short is this wish list?!
I know I have an appointment today so I know this adjustment will be helpful again. Also, Tuesdays are movie days. Tickets are always cheaper and when you are off you better be taking advantage of that around here. We will spend NYE at home with our fur babies. We have a bottle of bubbly ready, and I have to figure out what to cook...appetizers are already thought of, just the main dish is unknown. Any suggestions?

And my last wish is so simple it shouldn't be on anyone's list but be a given...well, I have learned to let go and laugh. More so lately but it is still a process for me. So, if I can get any kind of laughter squeezed out of me I am in luck. Let's hope I find a few fun movies I haven't seen so I can laugh my butt off. 

Are you ready to welcome 2016????
Any major plans, wishes and what not for this last week?!!

Tell me!


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