December 9, 2015

Gift Ideas for the Hostess #3

It's another week closer to Christmas and another possibility to get invited to yet another party. There was once a year where I was invited to at least five parties in two weeks. Plus, the invites came pretty much three days before the event. Either people got really spontaneous or they just forgot to invite me, OR they heard my gifts were amazing so they decided to host a party! HA! 

It is not easy to find the right gift for anyone. If you don't know the host or hostess it is even harder. In that case I would go with the easiest: flower, chocolate, or {best one} a bottle of good red wine. When you know the host or hostess you can cater towards their hobby, style, or likes. One of my friends is a huge Italian food lover. She threw an early holiday/birthday/house warming party and I knew I was going to get her a big basket of lots of Italian goodies. I found this amazing store that only sells specialties from got pricey but it was so worth it. I did combine all three events in one basket, so in a way it wasn't that pricey after all. :)

Untitled #123

Look at these beauties.You can never go wrong with a holiday inspired ornament, or a cheese/meat board. Look at this cure and fuzzy throw {sold out unfortunately}, and the sparkly decanter. There are so many options. No need to go all fancy. Again, it depends on who invites you and what you know about the person. Now, excuse myself while I am headed over to Nordstrom's to get those copper mugs

Can you believe we are almost hitting mid-month?! Unbelievable. Are you done with holiday gift shopping, or are you getting mostly stuff done now or last minute?! There is nothing wrong with that. I once experienced first hand that last minute presents can be in fact better and more fun than early bought presents. :)

More ideas can be found here and here

Have an amazing day!!!


The Flynnigans said...

I love those copper mugs!!

Christina said...

The copper mugs are perfect!


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