February 25, 2016

A Spring List

Last two summers I shared with you my summer lists consisting of things I was hoping to do, see, experience, or make during that season. Granted, not everything on my list came true. Some things were impossible {time issues}, or life got in my way and I couldn't follow through with everything. I love seasonal lists. They give me hope, they make it worth looking forward to something and they are simply fun. In an effort to accomplish as much as even possible I am sharing my spring list with you for the first time.
  • Bake a cake {blueberry peach cake 4.13.16}
  • Plant my herb garden {decided not to}
  • Make jam {failed though, but hey, I tried!}
  • Have a romantic and fun picnic
  • Clean out our closet and donate what is not wanted or worn anymore {spring cleaning}
  • Drive to the ocean
  • Drive to a lake
  • Hike along American River again
  • Create a special Easter dessert {4.13.16}
  • Buy fresh and colorful flowers at least twice a month
  • Take a two-day family trip
  • Go out of state for a few days {spring break time in Nevada}
  • Read at least three books {one per month}
It's a short list but it's a manageable list. I am looking forward to adding colors to a new season, creating a new dessert {at least new to me}, and I'm looking forward to exploring more of this gigantic country. I would like to go to Utah or Oregon. B said "just" out of state...this could mean anything when it comes to him. We shall see.

Wish me luck with my spring list, and don't forget to come back and see how I am doing. I will update this list accordingly. Oh and my spring lists starts March 1 and ends May 31.


updated: 5.31.16


runwright said...

Great idea. I think I'm going to make my own list too

Ashley said...

I, for one, CANNOT WAIT for Spring!!

The Flynnigans said...

You MUST hold up your end of the deal and get flowers at LEAST twice a month.
I have also always wanted to have a picnic, that would be a lot of fun! :-)

Tobia Nooke said...

What a fun list Selma.
I hope you have lots of sunny days to accomplish it all.
Maybe I should start my own Spring List.
Happy Weekend, Tobia


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