February 2, 2016

Goodies for Valentine's Day!

I'm trying to sweeten up life a bit. With happiness as my word this year, even my most dreaded and yes unloved "holiday" will get some love. I think I owe it to the word and to myself to add a bit of Valentine Sparkle. I won't decorate {yes, I won't!}, but I think a few cute additions to the "love weekend" cannot hurt at all. Look at these cuties I found.

Untitled #125

I have been looking for a bracelet for a while. Always wanted a lighter, non-chunky one that won't hit my wrist left and right. I usually wear simple, very similar looking studs. These earrings I felt were very appropriate for next week and for Valentine's Day. So super cute. I might splurge for once and get me those. A new perfume is always a good idea. Our body's chemistry changes when seasons change, so keep that in mind, too. This is a tip I have lived by for years hence my lovely perfume collection at home. I think I will not add a new mug to my already huge collection but if I did would be red. A little bit of pink on our nails has never harmed anyone either, am I right? And if you have a sweet tooth I suggest you go out and get yourself something sweet. I will get marshmallows or a very good cotton candy as I do not eat chocolate. If I find pink marshmallows I will be a happy woman!

Don't we all want {or need} some fun and cute goodies in our lives?
I love purple and {most} pink, so anything that comes close to this I think fits perfectly for Valentine's Day. I never liked this day. Yes, I still don't like it. I may be in a happy relationship and I am very content with my partner but this doesn't mean I love this day more. I didn't like it before and I don't like it now. The only thing I like about this day is that I can schedule in a date for that day or at least around that day. I win.

Do you decorate or go out and splurge a little when it comes to Valentine's Day?!


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Tobia | craftaliciousme said...

I never really cared for Valentine's Day either and we never did anything. Until hubby proposed that day but mainly because I would have never expected anything this day. Well and now you can't compete to that so who needs Valentine's Day? But a day to be happy and were a bit of pink - sure...
Happy day to you, Tobia


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