February 9, 2016

Date Night is Important

I am a proponent of date night. I believe that no matter what your relationship status you should have regular date nights; with friends or with your significant other. It's a great way to catch up with your girlfriends, or guy friends. On top of that, I think it is very important to go out once a week and spend quality time with your partner. It strengthens and intensifies any relationship. I have to admit that date nights with my girlfriends and date nights with my man are two different things, but in the end both always brightened up my days/evenings. Date Night is important!

I am highlighting Date Night in our calendar. It is usually on a Thursday or Friday or on a weekend. Not every date is the same. We don't always go out for dinner. Sometimes we end up at home watching Netflix or a DVD, sometimes we go miniature golfing or explore an area we haven't been to yet. Sometimes we play games or go out for hikes. It varies depending on weather, budget, time and mood. We realized that when we do take time for one another we get to learn more about each other, we grow and we feel better about our relationship. 

Casual Date Outfit
When going to the movies, having brunch with my girlfriends or going for an adventurous trip I try to stay casual but cute. After all it is a date night/date day. I want to look put together but not too much. Who wants to mini golf in a skirt or explore a new town in a fancy outfit? I don't. I love great quality, style and class but to a certain extend. The outfit needs to fit the occasion.
Purse | Pants | Earrings | Shirt

Romantic Date Night

Date Night for a special occasion {birthday, anniversaries, promotions} needs to feel and look more special. A colorful dress, simple flats or heels and a few accessories add sparkle to any date. Less is often more. Valentine's Day is around the corner, guys. I know I will dress up this week when we go on our weekly date!!
Dress | Heels | Perfume | Earrings

I love dates. I get to dress up and have fun. This weekend we are going to one of our favorite restaurants for dinner. I will certainly dress up and have a blast. It won't be a fancy place but fancy enough for me to add some sparkle to the weekend. Plus, we will have a no cellphone rule. It's date night after all; time to enjoy each other and not other people on social media. One important aspect of why I am supporting date night!


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Christina said...

Cute outfits! We used to go out every single Wednesday for about five years. Then we had kids... Haha! We still get at least two dates a month though, which works for us. Plus all the time we spend at home playing games and cuddling on the couch with Netflix. And we also always put away our phones. That's super important!!


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