February 12, 2016

Happy Friday!

Fridays are my toughest days to blog. I always want to but end up so busy I realize the next day that I should have shared my Happy Friday list with you. I love link-ups. They bring people together and it is a chance to meet new, fun people as well. Anyways, I am so glad I am joining Krysten and Lindsay's weekly link-up again. It's all about what made me happy this week. So, join the fun if you have time! 

What made me happy this week:

1 - Sunshine
2 - My hello pillow I got from Etsy
3 - Better sleep aka no kitties bothering at 3am anymore
4 - Risotto
5 - Muscle relaxer
6 - Cheaper gas prices
7 - Valentine's Movies on Hallmark Channel {don't judge}
8 - German
9 - Donations to the Goodwill
10 - The Bachelor and what happened this week {finally!!!}

So yes, lots has happened this week. I met someone who speaks German and it was fun to catch up and confuse a few people around us. I don't like pills. I am all for modern medicine but if I can go around it I'd prefer it {hence my love for essential oils and their power, more on this in another post I guess}. Yet, my doc prescribed a muscle relaxer and I gave it a shot. I was in a lot of pain Wednesday night and although my oil to lessen the pain worked within less than five minutes and lasted all night long I had to give the relaxer a try. It worked somewhat. Can't say if it fully made me happy but it worked so I added it to the happy list. My week was good. Good to me equals happy, no?!

What made you happy this week?

Happy Friday!



KimBerly said...

Love cheaper gas prices. Yesterday I filled up (18 gallons) for 17.57. Holla.

Elisa @ Globetrotting in Heels said...

I'm happy to hear you had such a good week!
I love finding happiness in the little things of everyday life, it feels like someone is presenting you with a gift every time :-)
Have a lovely weekend, Selma!

Allie Kunze said...

I was so happy when Olivia was sent home! It was way overdue! Although, I'm kind of surprised the twin is still around. Loving the rest of your list too. Super impressed with the German. I would have been confused hearing your conversation. :)

Mackenzie Glanville said...

oh I love your list, kitty's not waking you up and giving donations, juts lovely! Have another happy week! #10thingsthatmakemehappy

The Flynnigans said...

I'm so glad that Olivia and her big mouth are gonneeeee! Hallelujah!
I cannot believe the girls are letting you sleep through the night. What'd you change??

Rica Lewis said...

Ha ha! Confusing people is always a blast. Good times! Thanks for sharing.


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