May 10, 2009

Happy Mother's Day

Happy Mother's Day everyone!!!

As I am working today I wasn't fully able to do anything in particular for my mom. We had a quick dessert of strawberry shortcake. Nothing big, and nothing exciting. It's the thought that counts and she'll be rewarded as a mother tomorrow, Monday. Every day should be Mother's Day!!! I just wish that my kids will think this way, too - one day.....Time for me to start my own family...ha!

Besides Mother's Day I came across this article about the happiest places in the world.
It struck me partly when I read that Europe basically made it to the best continent...from 1 to 10...only two countries aren't European. Wow!!! Switzerland, where I'm currently at, hit rank 7. Not bad at all. Considering most people (me included at times) either obsessivley say they are unhappy here (wages, prices, immigrants coming in like ants...etc etc etc)...yeah...there we go. This small but beautiful country hit number seven which is absolutely impressive.
Good to know I live in a place that allows itself to call itself a happy place. Not to mention the rest of the countries listed....Wow!
Go ahead and read the article for yourself...just click here.

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